How far in advance shall I get in touch with The Rolling Mill about having a piece made?
Our busiest time of the year is aligned with the wedding season which runs from around October to April. If you're considering having a piece made with us during this time, we recommend getting in touch a few months before you require your piece of jewellery. If you do need something produced fairly quickly, please let us know and we can check our schedule to see what's possible. For something like an engagement ring, it's likely we'll need to spend some time sourcing gemstones and/or diamonds. If you require a rare gemstone, this can take a little longer as we reach out to our gemstone sources. From there, we can send you an estimate before moving on to the design & refining process. Once everything is finalised, we can move your job to the workshop for production.

Do I need to come in for a consultation?
The short answer is yes! We love to meet all of our customers if possible, this gives us the chance to get to know you. Consultations are very comprehensive and you'll get to meet with the jewellers themselves who'll guide you through the options that are available. At the meeting, we can show you examples of gemstones, discuss metal types, explore design ideas, we can also take any measurements and finger sizes.
We regularly work with customers from around the world and understand it's not always possible for our customers to meet with us at the workshop. We can easily keep in touch and send you detailed progress photos as required.

Are your jewellers qualified and experienced?
Nick Hensman is the director and jeweller at The Rolling Mill and has been designing and creating fine jewellery for over ten years, with an apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacturing. Nick has received awards for his work at the New Zealand Jewellery Awards. Nigel Wong has been designing and creating jewellery for 42 years, he is also an award-winning jeweller. We're so pleased to have Nigel with us and he has been creating exceptionally beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery to the highest standards for our customers.

Do you charge for consultations?
We do not currently charge for consultations. The jewellers take time away from the workbench to meet with you to discuss all of the possibilities for your new piece of jewellery. Make the most of your time with the jeweller and ask as many questions as you need, as this will likely make things run a lot smoother as we move through the estimate and design process.

How long do the consultations last?
Consultation times vary depending on what you are after, i.e. wedding rings can take up to 30 minutes, consultations for engagement rings and all other pieces are typically around 45 minutes.

I've inherited broken or existing pieces of jewellery. Can I have these melted down and use the precious metal and gemstones to create a new piece?
We can work with most existing pieces, this is a fantastic way to add new life and enjoyment to something that is not currently being worn. We recommend bringing the jewellery with you to your consultation. The jeweller can inspect each piece and let you know the condition of the metal, and/or gemstones. We can check for any wear and tear that may have occurred over the years and let you know what can be repaired or reused. If you're hoping to recreate an entirely new piece using your materials, the best option is to use your inherited precious metal to create your new piece, rather than trading it in for a different metal. If there's not enough metal to create a new piece for you, we can add a little more to the melt.

Do you work with silver?
We specialise in all gold metals and platinum. We do occasionally work with silver, this can be required due to some cultural traditions.

Arriving for the consultation.
We have a one-customer-at-a-time policy, so we're able to offer our full attention to customers that have pre-booked a private consultation. You're welcome to pop in and see us, however, if there is a private consultation in process, we may need to ask if you are able to return later. If you're wanting to pop in for a short visit, just give us a quick call or email a few hours earlier and we can let you know of any pre-booked consultations ahead of your visit. 
If you're running a little late to your appointment, you're welcome to send a quick text or call to let us know. Please also contact us as soon as you can if you're unable to make it to your appointment and we can cancel or reschedule for a later date.

I'd like to keep the engagement ring and proposal a surprise! Do I need to bring my partner with me?
No, you don't need to bring your partner with you. Your partner will love that you have put a lot of thought in to having a ring custom made especially for them. We're more than happy to work with you to create a ring with your partner in mind. We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to guide you confidently through the design and gemstone selection process, some detective work may be required!

My partner and I would love to work together to have an engagement ring made.
It's very common nowadays for both parties to work together on a custom-made engagement ring and contribute to a final design that you're both guaranteed to love, while having a lot of fun along the way.
Note: If you're unsure about whether or not to include your partner in the engagement ring-making process, get in touch and we can have a chat about any pros and cons, helping to guide you to an ideal resolution moving forwards.

Do you offer ethical diamond and gemstone options?
We appreciate your queries regarding the diamond and gemstone trade. We have excellent relationships with our team of gemstone suppliers and cutters that are able to answer all of our questions and concerns about where and how we are sourcing our diamonds and gemstones. We work closely with our suppliers to offer a number of modern and exciting alternatives to be considered. Get in touch to discuss the options available.

Are you able to source rare gemstones?
Yes we are. Some gemstones and diamonds are extremely difficult to find, but we'll always search for any gemstones you have a preference for. We have managed to acquire Padparadscha and other rare coloured Sapphires, Tanzanite, investment diamonds such as Argyle Pink Diamonds, as well as a variety of coloured diamonds.

After the consultation, how long will it take for me to receive an estimate?
This can vary, ultimately it depends on what you are after, i.e. a rare gemstone can take a little longer to source, but if we can find it, it's almost always worth the wait. If everything is fairly straight-forward, we like to get back to you within a week, even earlier if possible.

I'd like something completely unique. Can you tell me a little more about how the design process works?
What's special about The Rolling Mill is that we do not reproduce any of our custom jewellery pieces. Our specialty is making unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made especially for you! At your private consultation, once we've had a chance to get to know a bit more about you, we can rough a few sketches together and have a chat about any preferences you may have. We then take some quiet creative time to sketch a design we think will work best for you, from there the design can be refined if required. Once you're completely happy with the design, we then move your job to the workshop and we can keep in touch throughout the production process.

How long does it take to complete my piece of jewellery?
We try our best to work to your deadline. October to March is our busiest time of the year due to the wedding season. As a result, our production times can take a little longer than other times of the year. If your wedding rings are required during the peak wedding season, please get in touch with us as soon as you can to secure a booking with us.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.