About Us

The Rolling Mill was founded in 2014 by Nick and Vee Hensman, an energetic, friendly and creative husband and wife team, who take pride in creating only the highest quality jewellery which stands the test of time. Nick has been in the industry since 2007 and has a wealth of knowledge and skill in producing both traditional and unconventional pieces of jewellery. Vee has a background in design and contributes a significant amount of time to the creative process and everyday operations at The Rolling Mill. When the time comes for you to have your own custom piece of jewellery designed and handmade, they would be delighted to share this exciting experience with you.

Nigel Wong
Our master jeweller and guru at The Rolling Mill. Nigel is also an award-winning jeweller and has been making beautiful jewellery for over 40 years, so he brings a wealth of traditional jewellery-making knowledge with him and we are looking forward to fully utilising his incredible skills.

The Aro Valley Workshop

Our workshop is located in a beautiful old storefront that was built in 1910, with a rustic brick wall and vintage charm throughout. We've tried our best to retain the old aesthetics of the building by including native Rimu furniture made of salvaged timber from the old BNZ bank in Wairoa. The timber furniture has been crafted by Nick's father Phil Hensman at his wood workshop in Kereru, Hawkes Bay.

It's worth a visit to our charming and bustling wee suburb of Aro Valley. We're only a 5 minute drive from the Wellington CBD, or a 5 minute walk from upper Cuba Street. Aro Valley is home for many of Wellington's artisans, crafters and specialists, such as our friends and neighbours:

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What is The Rolling Mill?

A Rolling Mill is a set of rollers used to flatten and shape precious metals into plate and square wire which can then be cut out, or milled further into usable jewellery blanks. After a few ideas were 'rolled' off when naming our new business venture, we eventually took a step back and looked at what we really were trying to achieve. Our jewellery is custom made, using both traditional and modern tools and techniques. One extremely unique piece is our Rolling Mill. We do not know the age of our rollers, but they are extremely old, beautiful and operating as good as new.  They're symbolic of our mission – quality, timeless, one-of-a-kind jewellery that will withstand the test of time.